2015 PhuketFit Review ~ Joyce

I wrote a short thank you note review about PhuketFit about a week ago, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the retreat almost everyday since I’ve returned home and wanted to make a full review to help people make an informed decision about choosing this retreat for your weight loss, fitness or detox holiday.

I want to cover what PhuketFit IS and what PhuketFit IS NOT;  I’d like talk about their facilities, accommodation, location; I want to tell you about their nutrition and detox, their trainers, coaches, consultants and staff, and I want to give you a quick run through of my experience and the results I got on my 28 day weight loss program.

I think first of all it’s important to realize that PhuketFit is not a spiritual, holding hands and chanting type place, I’ve been to places like those before and they can be fun too, but that’s not what this is. PhuketFit Retreat is a place where people from all over the world with similar goals come to get results. If you’ve got a lot of fat to lose, PhuketFit is the place. If you want to detox your body, PhuketFit is the place. If you’re unfit and want to get into shape, PhuketFit is the place.

I met a lot of people at the retreat and we all chatted, laughed and had fun together. It felt like a family and through this I also learned a lot about what other people were experiencing and the things that came up again and again, are that it’s “scientific” the programs are designed specifically for you and that means you get the best results, in the fastest amount of time. The food is “amazing”, the nutrition really is out of this world, not only how it tastes, but how it makes you feel! You feel like a new person your body has EXACTLY what it needs to perform at optimal levels, it’s just incredible what happens when you start getting the right nutrition for your body and metabolism.

And it’s “A LOT of fun”! Everyone loves all the different classes from Zumba, to TRX, Yoga, Muay Thai, Pilates, and all kinds of other fun fitness classes — it rocks! The trainers are amazing, they train everyone to their personal level and there are also classes for specific levels too, I was in the beginner classes for the first two weeks and then started doing intermediate classes after that.

The accommodation at the resort is pretty good, it’s not really luxury or anything, but it was fine for my needs. I had a standard private bungalow and it was great. I know others booked at the luxury resort just a minutes walk away from PhuketFit, and that’s something I may consider when I return. But overall, the resort is great.

The facilities I was really surprised about because it being Thailand and everything I thought maybe the facilities would be old or something. But I was shocked when I entered and saw they have more up to date equipment than I have at my local gym here in America. Really great equipment and facilities.

The trainers, coaches and staff were amazing. My coach helped me with so much personal support, the trainers gave me all kinds of tips and were just so nice, and the staff were always there checking to make sure I had everything I needed. It was really super.

My results from my 28 day weight loss program were nothing short of miraculous. I’d been struggling to get rid of some stubborn fat on my stomach ever since my first child and whatever I did it wouldn’t budge. What I didn’t realize is that I had just about ZERO chance of losing the fat the way I was doing things, I didn’t realize it took a 3 pronged approach and I could never have done on my own. Thank you so much Serge’ you are the main reason for my weight loss, thank you! And thank you to everyone else who helped me along my journey!

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