2015 PhuketFit Review ~ Gary Barnard

Well my time here again has almost come to a close.
Once again I have enjoyed it immensely, thanks largely to you and your staff. You all make us feel very welcome and are sooooo helpful with anything that we need.
I have spoken with Melissa my daughter and told her I am planning to come back in about June and she wants to return with me and her husband, that would be fun.
I have listed below a few constructive ideas to share with you and please remember that these are put forward with the best of intentions. I have absolutely NO complaints!!!
I understand you are going through a transition phase and with the loss of Justin and Mark changes have to be made.
Leah will be great as she works into the job, she has big shoes to fill but I believe she is up to it!
My comments are as follows:
Restaurant service….excellent
Food quality….excellent
Reception staff….excellent
Detox staff….n/a…but meeting up with Om again is always a pleasure
Training staff….excellent
Fitness and gym staff service….excellent
Cleanliness to gym….excellent (the young lady looking after the gym keeps it spotless, even the windows)
Site cleanliness….excellent
PERSONAL REQUESTS that I think everyone would like:

Please return the TRX a to daily schedule, maybe another staff is needed to handle the load.
TRX a little later, I understand the reason for the time change but 2pm is a little too close to lunch for an effective vigorous workout
Suggesting mosquito coils on the workout area floor for the late afternoon
Suggest mosquito coils in the restaurant after 5pm
TRX straps badly need replacing, the majority of current straps slip constantly, in some classes there were not enough good ones to go around. Fortunately I had bought my own from home but I know it must have been frustrating for Leah and some of the others.
Serge was his usual cheerful self and I learn so much from him on each visit.
Please take all these suggestions in the spirit they are given, I look forward to my next visit.
Kind regards,

Gary Barnard

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