PhuketFit Review September 2014

I’ve just completed a 7-Day Total Fitness program at Phuketfit and would like to like to recommend PhuketFit to anyone who is considering doing a similar one .

The program is well structured and very well executed. It started with consultation to understand my objective, lifestyle and fitness level, which were the basis of recommendation for my diet daily calories target and activities. The diet plan wasn’t fixed – I chose from the menu (with calories chart in mind) It was a good way to learn to think before I order – a habit I will benefit from in real life. All the food were delicious too.

The fitness classes included group full body workouts, Muay Thai, TRX, yoga, pilate and zumba. I tried them all except the advanced classes. All the instructors were great. I especially enjoyed the classes by Justin (group & circuit workouts and personal training) and Mark (TRX) – their classes were innovative, motivating, challenging but suited for all levels and you’d feel so proud of yourself after the sessions!

Phuketfit creates an environment where all members are comfortable regardless of shape or size. I was fortunate to share my time there with some very interesting members from all over the globe (British, Australian, Indian, Turk, American, Russian, Swiss, Asian…) all friendly and encouraging towards each other. So not only was the program good for you, it was fun too. I liked it so much that I am returning with boyfriend at the end of the year!

A few tips for future clients:
* bring or buy (in Phuket) headbands if, like me, you don’t want sweat dripping in your eyes
* bring or buy insect repellent. Mossies are abundant late afternoon (during TRX especially)
* if you are going during wet season, bring a raincoat

Some suggestions for Phuketfit:
1. Sat morning schedule is very light. I started my program on Sunday (rest day) and departing Sat afternoon (ie missing Sat afternoon programs). With Sat morning offering only breathing/meditation Pilate after 8am, I only practically had 5 days training I instead a full week. Please consider adding a fitness session on Sat morning

2, if you offer cooking classes throughout the week at extra cost I would very interested. Please consider 2-3 lunch time classes a week.

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