Kate Durrant Review

Kate Durrant – UK – 13th November 2013
Did a 7 Day Detox and 7 Day Fitness
I arrived at Phuket Fit with hopes of losing a few kgs and toning up a little. I quickly discovered, however, to make any lasting changes I would need to work on my reasons for overeating (and for choosing to eat healthy food, etc)
Through conversations with Sharon, some soul searching of my own, along with the wonderful Tapping Technique of Sharons (even the guys are raving about this technique she uses) I was able to let go of my unhelpful overwhelming emotions and make space for……light/love/air. Thank you Sharon, I owe you more than I can say.
A huge thank you to Thip and Dai for opening my eyes to the awesomeness of raw foods and juices. To all the staff for being so lovely and for making my stay so enjoyable. And finally (before I sound like an Oscar Award Winner) a big thank you to the fitness team for being so talented, fun and professional.
Phuket Fit, thank you and I look forward to visiting again.

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