Rob Neil, Australia – 14 day Detox – Weight Loss 7.5kg

Rob Neil – Australia – 2 week Detox – Lost 7.5kg
Coming here to Phuket Fit for the first time I had no idea what to expect. Travelling alone I thought the experience would be hard.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Sharon and Pookie are terrific, they both care so much about your health, the support, humour and wealth of knowledge are very much appreciated.
The Phuket Fit staff are all very friendly and made my time here more enjoyable.
The most pleasing factor of the detox program was the quality of foods, smoothies and juices – thanks to Dai and Thip.
I have made many new friends and look forward to keeping in touch and following everyones progress. All the other guests here are supportive to one another. You are never alone unless you choose to be. It was as easy as sitting at a table with a group and introducing yourself and now you have another group of friends.
Phuket Fit – I cant possibly thank you enough for the last two weeks, I will be counting the days until I come back.
Love and Thanks

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