My Phuket Fit experience review

This was review of Phuket Fit which I just found on a forum and decided to republish here:

Having to been to many fitness camps in Thailand, Phuket Fit certainly has set itself apart as one which truly cares and is there to help people get the results they want.

The trainers, staff and owners are all very nice and helped me immensely with advice and recommendations.

Like everything there were some down points too. Most notably the restaurant was slow around lunch times. There were a couple of occasions where I waited 30 minutes to receive my order. This is because at lunch times everyone comes in at the same time and makes their orders. This can slow things down.

That being said, at about the time I complete my program at Phuket Fit, I had noticed that they had hired a new health food chef and also another waitress. So it seems that they new off the problem and were fixing it.

The programs and service at Phuket Fit are far better that I have experienced before. I have even been to many health resorts where I paid almost double what I did at Phuket Fit and received what I feel was not as good as what I got here.

At Phuket Fit they have staff who are there to give you a 1 on 1 consultation for nutrition and diet. The training also begins with a 1 on 1 fitness evaluation and this also includes personalised information to help you reach your goals.

The whole place is filled with guests, staff and trainers who always have a smile of their face and all seem to be really enjoying there time. This goes a long way to giving it a great atmosphere where everyone is there to get in shape and change their lives.

Phuket Fit is definitely a place I will be returning too in the future.

– Kerry

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