PhuketFit Review by Sandy Nailer (October 2015)

Thank you again for another wonderful experience at Phuket Fit. My second visit did not disappoint and I am recommending your business to all of my friends and colleagues. I was especially impressed by the service received from the girls in the front office who were always able to help and always very friendly and cheerful. The Muay Thai instructors were also very friendly and patient and once again made me feel special. I especially enjoyed my one on ones with Ronnee. The organised excursions were also a good addition from my previous stay although may I suggest asking for a small deposit so that if people do book they are more inclined to show up as it was disappointing to see the spots fill up and then have some people not show up. I have a couple of suggestions that I hope you take on board constructively as they are intended. Firstly the classes run by Harry – last time I enjoyed a lot of these classes but found this time the music was so loud I didn’t even come to a class. It was hard to hear the Muay Thai instructors during our one on ones because of the volume of the music and it could also be heard in the hotel across the road. Secondly the class sizes for most things including Pilates and yoga were too large which whilst good for business meant the instructors couldn’t assist clients to do all of the moves safely or correctly and it was unfair to the instructors to have such large groups. Perhaps in busier times it would be good to run a couple of extra classes per day and allow clients to only attend one class per day if busy. I also think that the tickets for one on ones should be one ticket one session for everything including the Muay Thai as the instructors were fully booked most days and not even getting a lunch break at times. Finally I was disappointed to see the calorie count no longer on the menu and not being able to order quinoa with the Asian dishes made it difficult to keep calories low. I did however like some of the new menu items. Whilst these are small suggestions please know that I would not let any of these things stop me from returning but just wanted you to know in case others felt the same. I hope to return again one day as I really like your programs. Kind regards, Sandy Nailer.

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