New PhuketFit Review 2015

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much! It has been a fabulous three weeks that sadly comes to an end today! The restaurant, detox house and accommodation staff are super, always willing to help.

All the fitness guys and Pilates lady (Nong?) are outstanding! I hurt my back early in the stay and they were all concerned and really really helpful. After chatting with Serge it got me motivated to put my big girl panties on and do what workouts I could with other parts if my body until I was healed enough. Harry was super helpful and checked on me regularly. When I started back doing his classes he was always sure to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that cause pain. I feel pilates helped me a lot too with how she corrected positions and gave alternative levels.

I didn’t do a lot of Muay Thai but of the classes I did do, I thought they were spectacular. Always correcting, making sure people are doing the right movements.

My only negative comment if I had to make one is the bed. I had to unfortunately move over to Navatara for a few days near the end due to lack of sleep. That might just be because of my back or I’m a wimp but it was quite hard. Sorry.

You guys have a great place here that attracts really good people to come. I’ve met some long lasting friends here and mostly because everyone, regardless of their goal is here for the same reason…to get healthy.

So really just wanted to send a note of thanks for a great first time fitness holiday experience.

Stacy Wilson :)

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