Thank you again for another wonderful experience at Phuket Fit. My second visit did not disappoint and I am recommending your business to all of my friends and colleagues. I was especially impressed by the service received from the girls in the front office who were always able to help and always very friendly and cheerful. The Muay Thai instructors were also very friendly and patient and once again made me feel special. I especially enjoyed my one on ones with Ronnee. The organised excursions were also a good addition from my previous stay although may I suggest asking for a small deposit so that if people do book they are more inclined to show up as it was disappointing to see the spots fill up and then have some people not show up. I have a couple of suggestions that I hope you take on board constructively as they are intended. Firstly the classes run by Harry – last time I enjoyed a lot of these classes but found this time the music was so loud I didn’t even come to a class. It was hard to hear the Muay Thai instructors during our one on ones because of the volume of the music and it could also be heard in the hotel across the road. Secondly the class sizes for most things including Pilates and yoga were too large which whilst good for business meant the instructors couldn’t assist clients to do all of the moves safely or correctly and it was unfair to the instructors to have such large groups. Perhaps in busier times it would be good to run a couple of extra classes per day and allow clients to only attend one class per day if busy. I also think that the tickets for one on ones should be one ticket one session for everything including the Muay Thai as the instructors were fully booked most days and not even getting a lunch break at times. Finally I was disappointed to see the calorie count no longer on the menu and not being able to order quinoa with the Asian dishes made it difficult to keep calories low. I did however like some of the new menu items. Whilst these are small suggestions please know that I would not let any of these things stop me from returning but just wanted you to know in case others felt the same. I hope to return again one day as I really like your programs. Kind regards, Sandy Nailer.

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much! It has been a fabulous three weeks that sadly comes to an end today! The restaurant, detox house and accommodation staff are super, always willing to help.

All the fitness guys and Pilates lady (Nong?) are outstanding! I hurt my back early in the stay and they were all concerned and really really helpful. After chatting with Serge it got me motivated to put my big girl panties on and do what workouts I could with other parts if my body until I was healed enough. Harry was super helpful and checked on me regularly. When I started back doing his classes he was always sure to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that cause pain. I feel pilates helped me a lot too with how she corrected positions and gave alternative levels.

I didn’t do a lot of Muay Thai but of the classes I did do, I thought they were spectacular. Always correcting, making sure people are doing the right movements.

My only negative comment if I had to make one is the bed. I had to unfortunately move over to Navatara for a few days near the end due to lack of sleep. That might just be because of my back or I’m a wimp but it was quite hard. Sorry.

You guys have a great place here that attracts really good people to come. I’ve met some long lasting friends here and mostly because everyone, regardless of their goal is here for the same reason…to get healthy.

So really just wanted to send a note of thanks for a great first time fitness holiday experience.

Stacy Wilson :)

New review of PhuketFit’s weight loss program and his experience so far, including detoxing, fitness and much more.

This is the latest video reviews from PhuketFit with one of their younger guests, just 20, but already filled with wisdom, passion and a will to change his life. Very inspiring stuff!

Watch this PhuketFit review where one of PhuketFit’s guests reviews what she has experienced and provides a testimonial for the programs provided.

This video taken at PhuketFit shows one of their guests reviewing his experience at PhuketFit. He is on the weight loss program and has just started group classes after completing his 5 day detox. This video is his PhuketFit weight loss review.

New video review about Muay Thai Fitness at PhuketFit retreat. Great watch!

This is a review by a guest after the Tabata fitness class at PhuketFit and about the Total Fitness Program he selected.

This is a closer look at the PhuketFit resort and accommodations offered.

While TRX may seem intimidating, it is an excellent exercise and one that can be easily learned at PhuketFit. This guests provides a review of the TRX class and the reasons why PhuketFit is the retreat she chose.

This review is by a guest after Pilates class at PhuketFit retreat. She reviews the class and the program and why it works for her.

A woman enrolled on a program at PhuketFit reviews her experience at the Yoga classes and what she likes about PhuketFit retreat.

Review of Muay Thai class for beginners and PhuketFit and what one woman training has experienced.

Video shot at PhuketFit with one of their older guests who comes to PhuketFit to keep losing more and more weight and get in shape. Great review video and funny toward the end!

This video review was taken during and after Zumba class at PhuketFit. One of PhuketFit’s guests reviews her experience and why she chose PhuketFit.

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to PhuketFit. I had a FANTASTIC experience that I will never ever forget. The staff were all so lovely, friendly and helpful and I thank you very much for that. I loved the exercise and the healthy food – I wish the chef could come home with me and cook my three meals every day!

I would love to come back one day.

— Lizie Bray, July 2015.

I wrote a short thank you note review about PhuketFit about a week ago, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the retreat almost everyday since I’ve returned home and wanted to make a full review to help people make an informed decision about choosing this retreat for your weight loss, fitness or detox holiday.

I want to cover what PhuketFit IS and what PhuketFit IS NOT;  I’d like talk about their facilities, accommodation, location; I want to tell you about their nutrition and detox, their trainers, coaches, consultants and staff, and I want to give you a quick run through of my experience and the results I got on my 28 day weight loss program.

I think first of all it’s important to realize that PhuketFit is not a spiritual, holding hands and chanting type place, I’ve been to places like those before and they can be fun too, but that’s not what this is. PhuketFit Retreat is a place where people from all over the world with similar goals come to get results. If you’ve got a lot of fat to lose, PhuketFit is the place. If you want to detox your body, PhuketFit is the place. If you’re unfit and want to get into shape, PhuketFit is the place.

I met a lot of people at the retreat and we all chatted, laughed and had fun together. It felt like a family and through this I also learned a lot about what other people were experiencing and the things that came up again and again, are that it’s “scientific” the programs are designed specifically for you and that means you get the best results, in the fastest amount of time. The food is “amazing”, the nutrition really is out of this world, not only how it tastes, but how it makes you feel! You feel like a new person your body has EXACTLY what it needs to perform at optimal levels, it’s just incredible what happens when you start getting the right nutrition for your body and metabolism.

And it’s “A LOT of fun”! Everyone loves all the different classes from Zumba, to TRX, Yoga, Muay Thai, Pilates, and all kinds of other fun fitness classes — it rocks! The trainers are amazing, they train everyone to their personal level and there are also classes for specific levels too, I was in the beginner classes for the first two weeks and then started doing intermediate classes after that.

The accommodation at the resort is pretty good, it’s not really luxury or anything, but it was fine for my needs. I had a standard private bungalow and it was great. I know others booked at the luxury resort just a minutes walk away from PhuketFit, and that’s something I may consider when I return. But overall, the resort is great.

The facilities I was really surprised about because it being Thailand and everything I thought maybe the facilities would be old or something. But I was shocked when I entered and saw they have more up to date equipment than I have at my local gym here in America. Really great equipment and facilities.

The trainers, coaches and staff were amazing. My coach helped me with so much personal support, the trainers gave me all kinds of tips and were just so nice, and the staff were always there checking to make sure I had everything I needed. It was really super.

My results from my 28 day weight loss program were nothing short of miraculous. I’d been struggling to get rid of some stubborn fat on my stomach ever since my first child and whatever I did it wouldn’t budge. What I didn’t realize is that I had just about ZERO chance of losing the fat the way I was doing things, I didn’t realize it took a 3 pronged approach and I could never have done on my own. Thank you so much Serge’ you are the main reason for my weight loss, thank you! And thank you to everyone else who helped me along my journey!

Well my time here again has almost come to a close.
Once again I have enjoyed it immensely, thanks largely to you and your staff. You all make us feel very welcome and are sooooo helpful with anything that we need.
I have spoken with Melissa my daughter and told her I am planning to come back in about June and she wants to return with me and her husband, that would be fun.
I have listed below a few constructive ideas to share with you and please remember that these are put forward with the best of intentions. I have absolutely NO complaints!!!
I understand you are going through a transition phase and with the loss of Justin and Mark changes have to be made.
Leah will be great as she works into the job, she has big shoes to fill but I believe she is up to it!
My comments are as follows:
Restaurant service….excellent
Food quality….excellent
Reception staff….excellent
Detox staff….n/a…but meeting up with Om again is always a pleasure
Training staff….excellent
Fitness and gym staff service….excellent
Cleanliness to gym….excellent (the young lady looking after the gym keeps it spotless, even the windows)
Site cleanliness….excellent
PERSONAL REQUESTS that I think everyone would like:

Please return the TRX a to daily schedule, maybe another staff is needed to handle the load.
TRX a little later, I understand the reason for the time change but 2pm is a little too close to lunch for an effective vigorous workout
Suggesting mosquito coils on the workout area floor for the late afternoon
Suggest mosquito coils in the restaurant after 5pm
TRX straps badly need replacing, the majority of current straps slip constantly, in some classes there were not enough good ones to go around. Fortunately I had bought my own from home but I know it must have been frustrating for Leah and some of the others.
Serge was his usual cheerful self and I learn so much from him on each visit.
Please take all these suggestions in the spirit they are given, I look forward to my next visit.
Kind regards,

Gary Barnard

I’ve just completed a 7-Day Total Fitness program at Phuketfit and would like to like to recommend PhuketFit to anyone who is considering doing a similar one .

The program is well structured and very well executed. It started with consultation to understand my objective, lifestyle and fitness level, which were the basis of recommendation for my diet daily calories target and activities. The diet plan wasn’t fixed – I chose from the menu (with calories chart in mind) It was a good way to learn to think before I order – a habit I will benefit from in real life. All the food were delicious too.

The fitness classes included group full body workouts, Muay Thai, TRX, yoga, pilate and zumba. I tried them all except the advanced classes. All the instructors were great. I especially enjoyed the classes by Justin (group & circuit workouts and personal training) and Mark (TRX) – their classes were innovative, motivating, challenging but suited for all levels and you’d feel so proud of yourself after the sessions!

Phuketfit creates an environment where all members are comfortable regardless of shape or size. I was fortunate to share my time there with some very interesting members from all over the globe (British, Australian, Indian, Turk, American, Russian, Swiss, Asian…) all friendly and encouraging towards each other. So not only was the program good for you, it was fun too. I liked it so much that I am returning with boyfriend at the end of the year!

A few tips for future clients:
* bring or buy (in Phuket) headbands if, like me, you don’t want sweat dripping in your eyes
* bring or buy insect repellent. Mossies are abundant late afternoon (during TRX especially)
* if you are going during wet season, bring a raincoat

Some suggestions for Phuketfit:
1. Sat morning schedule is very light. I started my program on Sunday (rest day) and departing Sat afternoon (ie missing Sat afternoon programs). With Sat morning offering only breathing/meditation Pilate after 8am, I only practically had 5 days training I instead a full week. Please consider adding a fitness session on Sat morning

2, if you offer cooking classes throughout the week at extra cost I would very interested. Please consider 2-3 lunch time classes a week.

Did a 10 day detox (7 day full fast)
I went into the challenge of a full fast a little nervous but was surprised at how quickly the days passed. I feel much stronger having completed this and feel as though I can achieve things I couldn’t have before. I also really loved the food and beautiful presentation of all the raw meals, I will definitely be trying some of these back home. All the staff in the Detox house were really friendly and helpful and made it a very welcoming atmosphere.
Thanks very much, Ill definitely be back in the near future.
Cheers Soph

I did a 5 day raw food detox, followed by a 5 days of eating at the Healthy Kitchen restaurant. Overall, the experience was beyond my initial expectations. All the food was prepared and delivered in an extremely professional environment. I had never eaten raw food before and absolutely loved it.
On the 9th day here, I had all my measurements retaken and was thrilled to see how much I’d lost. I would absolutely recommend Phuket Fit to friends and family and look forward to returning.
A big Thank You to ALL the team.
Monique xx

Did a 5 day Juice Fast
Really feel so much better after. Think I’m going to try juice fasting 3 or 4 times a year from now on. The group I detoxed with were very friendly and supportive and the girls at the Detox house were great.

Many thanks for a fantastic week of raw food ! I have truly enjoyed the opportunity for rest, healing and fitness in this incredibly supportive environment and appreciate all the amazing staff in the kitchen, gym, detox centre and reception – all so welcoming, delightful and talented! I look forward to future visit
With all best wishes and warmest regards
PS Lisa is running late to meet taxi for flight – wishes to express her gratitude as above with love to all the team also. Lisa

Thanks for all your guidance and advice – its been invaluable. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Jason and Michael

Kate Durrant – UK – 13th November 2013
Did a 7 Day Detox and 7 Day Fitness
I arrived at Phuket Fit with hopes of losing a few kgs and toning up a little. I quickly discovered, however, to make any lasting changes I would need to work on my reasons for overeating (and for choosing to eat healthy food, etc)
Through conversations with Sharon, some soul searching of my own, along with the wonderful Tapping Technique of Sharons (even the guys are raving about this technique she uses) I was able to let go of my unhelpful overwhelming emotions and make space for……light/love/air. Thank you Sharon, I owe you more than I can say.
A huge thank you to Thip and Dai for opening my eyes to the awesomeness of raw foods and juices. To all the staff for being so lovely and for making my stay so enjoyable. And finally (before I sound like an Oscar Award Winner) a big thank you to the fitness team for being so talented, fun and professional.
Phuket Fit, thank you and I look forward to visiting again.

Andrea Willemse – South Africa– 7th November 2013
Dear Sharon
Thank you for all your time and patience this week. I came to the detox to rest and recuperate and to get my body and mind strong and I got exactly that. I loved the raw food, the resort and mostly the people I’ve met along the way. I have found the experience spiritually enlightening and I am leaving with a fresh perspective and better understanding of how to look after myself physically and emotionally. Don’t be surprised if you see me back here…..Thank you!
Love and Light

Rob Neil – Australia – 2 week Detox – Lost 7.5kg
Coming here to Phuket Fit for the first time I had no idea what to expect. Travelling alone I thought the experience would be hard.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Sharon and Pookie are terrific, they both care so much about your health, the support, humour and wealth of knowledge are very much appreciated.
The Phuket Fit staff are all very friendly and made my time here more enjoyable.
The most pleasing factor of the detox program was the quality of foods, smoothies and juices – thanks to Dai and Thip.
I have made many new friends and look forward to keeping in touch and following everyones progress. All the other guests here are supportive to one another. You are never alone unless you choose to be. It was as easy as sitting at a table with a group and introducing yourself and now you have another group of friends.
Phuket Fit – I cant possibly thank you enough for the last two weeks, I will be counting the days until I come back.
Love and Thanks

PhuketFit makes headlines again with the launch of their New Weight Loss Program:‎

Very together and clean. Bungalow was good, but internet wasn’t very consistent. The training and classes and everything were much better than expected. I thought maybe they would be Thai trainers but there were many very good trainers from England and America. The beach close by is great and can be walked to in about 10 minutes. You don’t have to rent a scooter or car because many places you can walk to and the restaurant and bungalows, gym etc are all on site at the same place. Some guest never left and just did the training and stayed around the camp. Seemed silly though because there are some great locations near by like phromthep cape which is the tip of the island.

This was review of Phuket Fit which I just found on a forum and decided to republish here:

Having to been to many fitness camps in Thailand, Phuket Fit certainly has set itself apart as one which truly cares and is there to help people get the results they want.

The trainers, staff and owners are all very nice and helped me immensely with advice and recommendations.

Like everything there were some down points too. Most notably the restaurant was slow around lunch times. There were a couple of occasions where I waited 30 minutes to receive my order. This is because at lunch times everyone comes in at the same time and makes their orders. This can slow things down.

That being said, at about the time I complete my program at Phuket Fit, I had noticed that they had hired a new health food chef and also another waitress. So it seems that they new off the problem and were fixing it.

The programs and service at Phuket Fit are far better that I have experienced before. I have even been to many health resorts where I paid almost double what I did at Phuket Fit and received what I feel was not as good as what I got here.

At Phuket Fit they have staff who are there to give you a 1 on 1 consultation for nutrition and diet. The training also begins with a 1 on 1 fitness evaluation and this also includes personalised information to help you reach your goals.

The whole place is filled with guests, staff and trainers who always have a smile of their face and all seem to be really enjoying there time. This goes a long way to giving it a great atmosphere where everyone is there to get in shape and change their lives.

Phuket Fit is definitely a place I will be returning too in the future.

– Kerry

I’ve been searching online and found two more Phuket Fit review sites, that have been set up to outline the good, the bad and the ugly:

Also found a good source of Phuket travel information and other places to go in Phuket:

Phuket Fit has received more and more reviews as they have grown and developed their team and services. Recently Phuket Fit made headlines in Phuket Fit Reviews Spur Interest World Wide which reported on the positive reviews which have been spreading through word of mouth, online forums, social sites, blogs, etc.

This site publishes all news, videos and reviews on the resort.

Just received this one:

We had a wonderful time and although we were only there for a short time, we feel we got the “Phuket Fit experience”. It was a lot of a fun and we met some great people there. There were a few problems with accommodation when we first arrived (light in bathroom didn’t turn on) but the team were fairly quick to rectify the situation. Fitness instructor Justin was very good and my wife really enjoyed the yoga class.

PhuketFit training resort in Thailand, has been designed by professional fitness trainers from the USA, UK and Canada. It’s a serious facility with top equipment imported to Thailand from the United States.


The resort has;

  • a full Fitness gym with treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, weights, machines and more. The gym is awesome!
  • a Yoga studio and a really friendly and helpful Yoga teacher. She helped me recover from some pains I’d been getting in my back and also gave me techniques to improve sleep.
  • Kickboxing ring and bags. They have some really great Muay Thai kickboxing trainers too!
  • Fitness area where all the fitness classes are run. Top fitness trainers from the UK and USA.
  • TRX training area with 20 TRX suspension trainers as well as the Rip Trainer. This is instructed  by the only Master Certified TRX trainer in Thailand.
  • Obstacle course and outdoor fitness area
  • Health Food restaurant serving delicious healthy foods and Raw Food.
  • Variety of Bungalows and accommodation

It is by far the most complete and well equipped facility I’ve been to anywhere in the world. And I’ve been to similar places all over the world.

PhuketFit rocks and it only ever gets better every time I go there!